About us

At West Rand Panel Beaters we understand that being the unfortunate owner of a damaged vehicle is a highly stressful experience. Not only do you have to go through the inconvenience of finding a reputable panel beater, then arranging for your vehicle to be towed there and being without a car for some time, but on top of that there is the frustration of knowing that your car will show the ‘scars’ for the rest of its life, affecting your pride in ownership, not to mention the resale value.

We pride ourselves on being one of a few auto repair companies in South Africa that is able to carry out auto repair work on all major vehicle brands. This impressive achievement is driven by the goal that each and every client will have their car repaired with the latest technology, the highest standard of knowledge and training and auto repair standards at all times. As a result, we are committed to making your panel beating experience as painless as possible. Having been in business for more than 40 years, we have thus developed a top-of–the-range panel beating showcase, focusing purely on client convenience and quality service.

The WRPB team of over 40 employees go to great heights when it comes to customer satisfaction. We are committed to the servicing of our clients’ and the referrals we constantly get from clients is testimony to this.

West Rand Panel Beaters is a proud BEE level 2 contributor.


Safety, first!

We value our client’s safety. After we had a look at the crash test videos for Volvo’s latest vehicle on the market, it becomes immediately obvious that Volvo’s vaunted reputation for leadership in safety technology remains paramount. With its vast array of safety equipment, one could arguably make the assertion that the new XC60 will be the safest vehicle offered for sale in the world. The Volvo brand vision is that in the near-future, no one will die in a Volvo vehicle, and the new XC60 is the most recent and best example of how the company intends to get there.

“Sometimes the moments that never happen, matter the most” – a beautiful and powerful message from Volvo Cars about the future of car safety in their new promotional video. Not only was this promotional video filmed beautifully, it also has us feeling nostalgic for lives we have never lived. Emotional and powerful, well done Volvo!